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Istation's Indicators of Progress (ISIP) Early Reading

ISIP Early Reading provides growth information in the five critical domains of early reading: 

  1. phonemic awareness
  2. alphabetic knowledge and skills
  3. Fluency
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Reading comprehension.

It is designed to (a) identify children at risk for reading difficulties, (b) provide automatic continuous progress monitoring of skills that are predictors of later reading success, and (c) provide immediate and automatic linkage of assessment data to student learning needs, which facilitates differentiated instruction. 

When administering the BOY, MOY and EOY ISIP, instruct students to go to the website, not the Istation app on the chrome book. 


            Domain: carroll.sheldonisd.tx


  1. Click on the Reading with ISIP icon                           

  • How long will the testing take?

Students are asked to complete all sections of the assessment that will last approximately 30-55 minutes.  

  • Where do students go to complete the sessions? 

Students will need to complete the field test at in a Web browser 

  • How will I know when my students have completed a session?

Once the assessment has ended, students should click on the OK button to exit the assessment and then click Log out. It is important that students complete all items within a testing session. At the end of all four sessions, a screen will display to indicate that the test has been completed.

  • A “login failure” error message appears on the computer screen when a student tries to log in. What do I do? 

Follow these three steps:

    • Confirm that your student is logging in to (PC or Mac).
    • Next, confirm that the student’s school is listed correctly above the username and password fields. Domain: carroll.sheldonisd.tx
    • Finally, confirm that the student is entering his or her username with no capital letters and as it appears on the login card.