Library » MakerSpace


Welcome to Carroll Elementary's MakerSpace! 
What is it?
The MakerSpace is a special area of the library where students can go to let their imagination run free--they can create cards, circuit boards, solve a puzzle, fold origami, draw pictures, problem-solve using fun games, and so on.  
What's in it?
Our materials are ever-changing, as we run out of some materials and gain others. Examples of current and past materials include: Goldieblox, LEGOs, Snap Circuits, card-making materials, paint, glitter glue, games, washi tape, craft sticks, bracelet-making materials, etc.
When can I use it? 
Students can pay $70 Colt Cash and access the MakerSpace using the time blocked off via Ms. Buschmann's Google Calendar. Please check "Library Calendar" to see when, as the time may fluctuate.