Painting the Halls Blue!

The C.E. King High School campus is sporting some new artwork on its cafeteria walls. A mural designed in collaboration with Mrs. Roades’ Art 4 class began to take shape this Thanksgiving break when local artist Alex “Zu” Arzu started to paint. The art project was a collaboration between Sheldon ISD and the 2024 College Football Playoff National Championship Game, which is being played in Houston in January. The College Football Playoff foundation paid local artists to partner with high school art teachers/students/programs in Houston to design and paint murals all across schools in Houston. C.E. King High School art students were approached to come up with ideas that should be included in the mural at their campus. They wanted to encompass sports, academics, Career and Technology Education, teachers, and students. All these various aspects needed to be centered around the Panther mascot. It was then up to the mural artist Alex Arzu to bring all these elements together and balance out the final look. In a walk-through of his process with the students, he explained the various softwares that he uses to combine images inspired by the students’ own artwork sketches and the overall mural shape. Zu showed the students how he then set to work on the actual painting once the design was approved. In a time-lapse video they saw how he used a scissor lift, tape and various markers to block in major shapes. Then Zu blocked in the whole art piece over a three day span and using only three brush sizes and a lot of blue paint.

Zu asked the students to name the mural. They chose the title “Eminence” for the overall crown shape, the regal panther, and their school pride. The mural is nearly finished and expected to be completed in December.